Electric bicycles are getting increasingly popular in India. From commuting over longer distances to daily cycling for improved health, people are finding innovative ways to use these convenient green bicycles. 

However, as these bicycles are new to the Indian markets, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. Many people think that electric bicycles are similar to bikes or scooters and require additional riding skills and paperwork. 

While there is no denying that there are some differences when you compare an electric bicycle to a regular bicycle, both have many common features and are used in a similar manner. 

If you can ride a regular bicycle, you can effortlessly ride its electric counterpart as well. Also, you don’t need any paperwork for riding them. 

Electric Bicycle vs Regular Bicycle

So, how are these two different? Here are some of the biggest differences you should know about and why you should consider electric bicycles over regular ones.

1. Parts and Construction

Starting with the basics, electric bicycles look very similar to regular bicycles. They feature pedals, drive chains, wheels, seat posts, stem, and handlebars. But they are equipped with some additional parts such as a motor, battery, and even a display at times. 

The motor is generally installed on either of the two wheels or sometimes on the frame. The electric battery is also generally planted on the frame and is mostly removable. As for the display, it enables you to control the riding modes and adjust the electric assistance the bicycles provide. Due to these additional parts, electric bicycles are generally heavier than regular bicycles. 

2. Speed

Are eBicycles faster than regular bicycles? While electric bicycles are not faster than regular bicycles, they make it easier for the riders to achieve higher speeds faster. These bicycles provide pedaling assistance to make riding easier. You can always adjust the amount of assistance you need. 

Also, in most electric bicycles, the pedaling assistance cuts off when you reach a certain speed. So, you’ll only be relying on human power at higher speeds. From there, it is up to you how fast you’d like to go. 

3. Riding Experience

So, what is it like to ride an electric bicycle? If you are used to riding a regular bicycle, you may not notice much difference even if you ride an electric bicycle for the first time. 

The major difference is that once you start pedaling, the motor will kick in to assist you. But the process is very subtle, and you won’t even notice it. The thing you will actually note is the ease with which an eBicycle will get you through longer distances, hills, and wind, thanks to the pedal assistance! 

4. Regulations

In India, electric two-wheelers with a maximum speed of 25kmph and a motor capacity of 250W do not require registration or license. And almost all the eBicycles available in the country belong to this category. 

However, even 25kmph is a decent speed, and you should definitely consider purchasing 3rd party insurance cover even for your eBicycle. Always ride safely and use protective gear every time you are out on the road. 

5. Regular Use and Maintenance

When it comes to regular use, the one major difference between electric bicycles and regular bicycles is that the former requires charging. You’ll have to recharge your eBicycle’s battery at regular intervals, just like you recharge your phone. Apart from that, everything’s pretty much the same. 

As these bicycles are equipped with most of the same components that you find on a regular bicycle, taking care of an eBicycle is not very different from regular bicycles. However, if there’s an issue with the motor or battery, you can always visit an eBicycle specialist. 

Why Purchase an Electric Bicycle over a Regular Bicycle?

As can be seen, electric bicycles can do everything a regular bicycle can but with many valuable add-ons. Be it shuttling to work or exercising, an eBicycle could be a seamless addition to your routine. 

If you are planning to purchase a bicycle soon, you should definitely check out the latest range of electric bicycles, and they are sure to leave you impressed.