Indians have been using fuel-powered two-wheelers for several decades. Even though many people understand the benefits of switching to an electric scooter, they are so habituated to the convenience of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) or fuel-powered vehicles that EVs don’t seem to be a practical choice yet. 

If you belong to this category as well, you may want to check out a hybrid scooter. The latest range of scooters offers a dynamic combination of being powered by fuel and electric battery to offer improved fuel economy. 

But electric scooter or hybrid scooter - which one should you choose? Let’s take a look.

What are Electric Scooters?

While most people already know what electric scooters are, here’s a quick overview. Electric scooters, also known as plug-in scooters, are two-wheelers powered by a rechargeable battery pack. 

The electricity generated by the battery pack drives the electric motor installed in the scooter. As these scooters fully rely on the battery back for power generation, they do not need any fuel. 

But just like you’re required to recharge your mobile’s battery regularly, you’ll have to recharge the battery of your electric scooter. Every electric scooter comes with a riding range or the total kilometers it can ride on a full charge. Most models generally come with a removable battery pack which you can easily carry to your home for charging.  

What are Hybrid Scooters?

As mentioned above, hybrid scooters are powered by an ICE and electric battery. One of the biggest differences between an electric scooter and a hybrid scooter is how the electric batteries are charged in these vehicles. 

In the case of electric scooters, you have to manually charge the battery by connecting it to the charger and power socket. But things are different in hybrid scooters. In these models, the batteries are automatically charged through ICE and regenerative braking. Thanks to the power assistance offered by electric batteries, hybrid scooters generally feature smaller ICEs. 

Moreover, the electric batteries can also power the auxiliary loads in the scooter while reducing engine idling when you apply brakes. Due to all these features, hybrid scooters offer improved fuel economy without negatively impacting the overall performance. 

Electric Scooter vs Hybrid Scooter

Here are some of the most significant differences between the two:

Specification Electric Scooter Hybrid Scooter
Engine Electric motor ICE and electric motor
Fuel Source Electricity Fossil fuel and electricity
Emission Lower  Higher 
Charging Required Not required
Price Higher Almost similar to standard ICE scooters

 Availability of Electric and Hybrid Scooter Models in India

The EV trend has only started picking up in India in the last few years. While several brands have launched multiple electric scooters, only a few hybrid scooter models are currently available. So, if you are very picky with your choices, it’d be easier to find something you’d like if you go with an electric scooter. 

But rest assured that you’ll see several new product launches in both categories in the near future. Even if you want to purchase a hybrid scooter, a few brands have introduced some feature-packed models that you can consider. 

What Should You Choose Between Electric Scooters and Hybrid Scooters?

The selection between the two ultimately depends on what you are looking for. If the primary reason for purchasing the scooter is to protect the environment from fuel emissions and savings, an electric scooter is definitely the best choice as it will not require any fuel. 

But if you want your scooter to offer improved fuel economy and don’t mind regularly visiting a fuel station, you can go with a hybrid model.