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eWheelers mobile app enables the customers to search and discover the nearest charging stations to charge their electric vehicles as and when needed.

Types of Charge

eWheelers Mobile App enables customers to discover the Fast Charge option and Eco-Charge option.

Fast Charge

This is the rapid charging option that will charge your vehicle upto 80% in less than 30 minutes of time. However, it is not recommended on a frequent basis.

Eco Charge

This is the slower charging option that takes around 3 or more hours to charge your vehicle depending on the battery capacity. On a regular basis, eco charging is used to charge a vehicle.

Charging Services

eWheelers Mobile App offers different types of charging facilities for its customers to charge their eBikes at their convenience. You can list your charging stations based on your category.

    Park and Charge

These charging stations are located at public parking places and enable customers to charge their vehicleswhile they park.
How it Works

    Restro Charge

These charging stations are located in the front of restaurants, food courts and drive-Ins. The customers can charge their vehicles while enjoying their food and drinks. How it Works

    Charge and Go

These are the fast chargers, located at different locations that charge the eBikes quickly when the customers need charging on the way. eWheelers mobile app enables the customers to search, discover and navigate to the nearest rapid charging stations.

    Community Charge

These charging stations are located in the apartments and residential locations. Customers can locate a charging station in the nearby area and get their vehicle charged.

    Shop and Charge

These charging stations are located in the parking lots of shopping malls and help the customers to charge their eBikes while they shop in their favorite malls or supermarkets.

Charge Partners

eWheelers have partnered with the electric vehicle charging service providers to integrate their charging stations and provide digital access to our customers. Our esteemed partners are:

How it Works?

Enabling Book Now Functionality
Step 1

Register with your details on eWheelers.

Step 2

Login with your username and password.

Step 3
List your Charging Station

List your charging station on the eWheelers platform with address and coordinates.

Step 4
Get Customers

Get customers to your charging station and start providing service.

Step 5

Receive payment from the customers directly after providing service at your location.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to charge my vehicle in these points?

We have listed both eco and fast-charging points in our mobile app. Eco charging will take around 3 or more hours to charge an electric bike based on battery model and technology. On the other hand, fast chargers are capable of charging an e-vehicle within 30 minutes based on the battery model and technology.

2. Are these charging stations free or paid?

These charging stations generally charge a nominal fee for charging an e-vehicle. However, some may offer this as a free service as well.

3. Should I call the charging station before visiting?

Most of the charge stations will have a contact number. It’s totally up to you if you want to contact them before visiting.

4. Are the community charging points safe to use?

Most of the communities perform regular maintenance of their charge points. However, make sure to check with the charge point owner if they have taken adequate measures for voltage fluctuations and electrical grounding.

5. Who can set up a charging station? What are the legalities involved?

Any Indian citizen can install a charging station. No legalities are associated with it.

Terms and Conditions

eWheelers is offering the platform to connect the charging stations and the electric vehicle owners. We are not responsible for any issues or problems that may arise. Many charge point owners are listing their stations in our mobile app. You may contact them through the contact numbers shared in our app for any kind of issue.