New Delhi: In an attempt to bring conversations related to environmental health and sustainable mobility to the forefront, eWheelers electric mobility has its ambition to move billions of Indians on clean, affordable and reliable electric vehicles.  Since its inception, eWheelers has followed its vision to diversify the offerings; bringing the best for the consumers and the environment. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Electric scooters have seen a dramatic increase in demand due to their broader demographic appeal and ease of handling. With changing consumer behaviour, enhanced environmental consciousness, rising petrol prices, rapid urbanization. People switching to sustainable personal mobility options. Even the eWheelers is training mechanics to ensure they are equipped to meet servicing needs of customers in the future and thus, generating opportunities and establishing convenience for the consumer. 

eWheelers has enabling the change to save more with electric scooters predominantly due to the rising fuel prices in the country. Today, there has been an increase in economic activities and trade has picked up which has amplified the need for last mile mobility for individual users, traders, small business users, MSMEs & others.  The spiraling fuel price is a hurdle as it is the main issue in people's minds while making decisions on buying private vehicles. To assist the economy conscious 2-Wheeler consumers, eWheelers is exhibiting special desks at various network touchpoints to explain the benefits of opting for e-scooters over other conventional modes of transport. 

A recent study at the market centre and online customers indicated that there is an uptick in demand for electric scooter post the petrol hike especially in rural hinterland and smaller towns. The need for personal vehicles has increased due to higher consciousness of safety and comfort among people. With falling battery prices, electric bikes prices are becoming comparable to their petrol counterparts in term of operating cost. Electric two-wheelers in India are likely to achieve price parity with their petrol counterparts as early as 2027 according to a study. 

The biggest concern of infrastructure and aftermarket is also being resolved with the help of strategic collaborations and mobility service companies. India Ratings & Research (Ind-Ra), expects the electric two-wheeler (e-2W) industry to grow at a strong compounded annual growth rate of 75-80 per cent over FY22-FY25. This would result in e-2Ws contributing 7-10 per cent of the overall 2W sales by FY25 from contributing below 1 per cent as of FY21.