New Delhi: eWheelers, one of the leading diversified automobile companies in the country, has a variety of  eHoverboards, eSkateboards, eBicycles, eScooters & eMotorCycles etc. eWheelers is an omni-channel mobility marketplace which covers both online and offline commerce squeezing the gap between EV OEMs'(Original Equipment Manufacturers'), services and the customers.

This platform enables customers to book vehicles online and pick up from nearest eWheelers studio. Such a model is considered a hyper local delivery model ensuring faster delivery. Through this dedicated electric vehicle eBIKE STUDIO, eWheelers aims to bring everything related to EVs under one roof and provide and give experience of multi-brand electric mobility solutions, as well as other electric 2-Wheelers in the market with clear deliverables- wider Choice, Convenience and unique Experience to customers.

The objective is to provide the best experience and help customers move ahead to fulfil their dreams while meeting smart everyday mobility requirements in a more sustainable manner. These products include e-scooters, e-cycles. eWheelers has in its stable a wide range of EV brands like GT Force, Hayasa, EVTRIC,TECHO ELECTRA ,Greta, DELTIC , ,Nexzu, Svitch ,Raymotoss among many others. eWheelers eBIKE Studio has been providing an extensive after-sales EV eBIKE care experience including roadside assistance, easy finance options, comprehensive service packages and e-mobility spares parts. Consumers can now choose between numerous options - shopping online with home delivery, shopping online and picking up at a store, shopping at a store and taking merchandise away, or shopping at a store and having it delivered to their home.

These features are the part of the eWheelers along with services like battery swapping and a variety of service-care and detailing products. Vehicle augmentation and beautification to be a key focus area at eWheelers store. Through this one of its kind store, eWheelers electric mobility is strengthening the EV ecosystem with smarter mobility commuting choices, better access to consumers' sales and service while generating multiple employment opportunities for various delivery operators. eWheelers now has an unparalleled retail footprint across the country. Moreover, the company is striving to empower every individual with personal electric mobility solutions via other financing options.