Over the past few years, our lifestyle has evolved a lot. Like all other basic necessities, having a vehicle has also become a necessity than a novelty. But seeing the drastic rise in fuel prices and worsening air quality across the country, it is must that we use electric bikes in India.

As automobile exhaust is the major cause of severe air pollution, it’s indeed required to opt for electric two-wheelers.

eWheelers is one of the brands to introduce an eBIKE STUDIO  where many battery-operated electric scooters, electric cycles, electric Bikes , electric Hoverboards are available so consumers can have experience of different models & different brands under one roof.
It has a green range of no-petrol no-pollution two-wheelers that are economical, eco-friendly, safe and convenient.

Electric vehicles are garnering popularity by the hour. Battery-powered electric scooters are being recognized for their ease in travel and convenient charging.
In India, the last few years have witnessed a significant surge in demand for EVs, especially driven by electric two-wheelers.

One of the major concerns of consumers involving electric vehicles is the range of batteries. The average range of electric two-wheelers in India offers around 70 km on a single charge, but the number is not constant throughout the lifecycle of the electric vehicle.

By battery type, the worldwide electric two-wheeler market has been segmented as sealed lead acid, lithium-ion, and others.
On the basis of voltage, the worldwide electric two-wheeler market has been segmented into 24V, 36V, 48V, and more than 48V.

The demand is increasing due offset by charging infrastructure. However, there is growing efforts by companies to boost the electric vehicles infrastructure along with charging points to combat the barriers.

Domestic manufacturers' efforts to produce lighter, more energy-efficient two-wheeler alternatives for consumers, and it may increase number of eBIKE STUDIOS  across the country.

The government has already set an ambitious target of 80% penetration of electric two wheelers by 2030.
The customer is also giving more attention to electric scooters than ever before, thanks to more options in the market, fall in battery prices and rise in fuel prices, EVs’ attaining price parity with conventional two-wheelers because of subsidies, low running costs and a desire to go green.

India can reach two-wheeler penetration (of EVs) is about 6-8% levels in the next two-three years.