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New Delhi: In view of the pollution situation in Delhi, the electric vehicles are one major solution is to electrify our transport systems, as electric vehicles offer zero on-road emissions, and ewheelers has made a strong presence in the segment.

eWheelers has been offering its entire portfolio of solutions and pan India network to help EV manufacturers to jump-start their operations across the country.

The sale of EVs, especially two-wheelers, has been on the rise over the last couple of years and H1 FY22 saw a sale of over 1.18 lakh EV units, which is equivalent to 90% of the total sales last year.

eWheelers aims to fill the gap for manufacturers through its digital tech solutions and mobility delivery model to support manufacturers provide customer centricity thereby accelerating their growth plans.

The eWheelers eBIKE studio’s provide  glimps to bike lovers a new feel of biking, which is not only economical but also environment friendly.
Battery Electric Vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions – i.e. they never emit exhaust gases or particulate matter from the onboard source of power. Similarly, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have much lower emissions because a part of their power comes from the energy stored in batteries.

Electric vehicles not only contribute to reducing air pollution, but they also have the potential to reduce emissions of climate change-causing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) like CO2.

CO2 emissions are seen to be less then 29% lower than average emissions from both diesel and petrol, falling to close to less then 50% by 2030.

This indicates that EVs charged with India’s electricity grid emit lower lifecycle emissions already. As coal power capacity continues to shrink and the share of renewables increases, India’s grid emission factor is expected to fall through the decade as well, in turn resulting in gradually decreasing overall EV emissions.

The new proposal is have electric two-wheelers by 2025.