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As we move towards a sustainable future, the future of electric vehicles is emerging in India. Electric scooters have become the first choice of every Indian as they are convenient and available at affordable prices in India market. Electric scooters cause almost zero carbon emissions which help in reducing air pollution in India as well.

Electric vehicles specially two-wheelers are claimed to be more cost-effective than their petrol-based counterparts. Their cost-effectiveness is measured using different factors, and we will have a look at them.

EVs are cheaper to run and maintain because they have fewer movable parts as they run on batteries, making them easier to repair and upgrade. 

The cost of charging an electric vehicle is roughly 40% less than the cost of driving a similar-sized automobile over the same distance using petrol. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are turning out to be immensely popular among the Indian youths in recent years - not just men but also flattening even the homely ladies and corporate or professional ones.

Anyone who is interested in buying an electric vehicle (EV) to enjoy a seamless and soundless riding experience while saving the ecology may purchase a variety of electric two-wheelers on the market at amazing rates. 

eWheelers the name itself is known for good quality Mobility solutions. eWheelers EV market place is getting stronger with many leading EV brands joining this journey. 

The new concept eBIKE STUDIO has different kind of electric bikes and electric scooters with them and is very well known for offering high quality of eBIKE models in Electric Vehicles scenario. 

So, the question is eWheelers concept is Reliable? The answer is yes! You cannot rely on the service of this company as it verily offers Sustainability, Reliability and affordability in its electric vehicles through eBIKE STUDIO. 

eWheelers -a Hyderabad based e-bike company is going to add beauty to your joy and prosperity. 

The company is offering eBIKE STUDIO in India keeping in mind highest standards. 

So, what is the mantra behind electric bikes in India? Why are they in high demand? Is it really worth buying an electric bike for Indian roads and streets? Such questions commonly arise for folks who are new to electric bikes and their mass adoption. 

Generally, if you buy an electric bike or scooter, you are actually helping to preserve the environment because electric vehicles or EVs are environmentally benign and do not emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. 
Moreover, there is no need for a driving license if you are planning to buy basic and low-speed EVs.  Most EVs are also exempted from registration although an Electric Bike Dealership would be the best place to acquire more information. 

Unlike fuel-consuming vehicles, EVs save us a lot of energy. For instance, if you drive electric scooter 60 kilometers a day for ten years, you will save enough energy to plant 30-34 full-grown trees. 

There are many prime electric leaders in the industry, setting the pace for the EV evolution.

Today’s EVs are more advanced than their previous versions. The price of batteries is reducing every year, which has also made them more accessible and in-demand.

India alone, adds over 20 million new vehicles every year. If these are added as EVs that will have a huge impact on the carbon footprint of transportation.